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Food safety Archive - FSVO

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Food safety Food safety

The main areas of research into food safety provide a basis for the evaluation of the safety of food and utility articles, the aim being to provide the best possible protection for consumers’ health. The research tracks, investigates and evaluates known and new risks along the entire food chain.

Food safety Bisphenol F in mustard

A mustard manufacturer informed the FSVO that he had found the substance bisphenol F in mustard during self-inspections. He assumed that the substance is formed during the manufacture of mustard and that the product had not been contaminated. The subject was thought to be important, and a bisphenol F research project was started to find answers to the outstanding questions.

Food safety Control of Campylobacter

Campylobacter is a bacterium found in the gut of animals that causes gastrointestinal disease in humans. Two research projects were started in response to the rising incidence of the disease in the population. One project looked at ways of reducing the contamination of poultry carcasses, the other investigated the best way of drawing consumers’ attention to the risks associated with cooking poultry.

Food safety The “Cook correctly – enjoy safely” campaign

In April 2016 the FSVO launched the “Cook correctly – enjoy safely” information campaign in conjunction with various partners in the retail and food industries (Aldi, Aviforum, Coop (with Bell), Kneuss, Lidl, Migros (with Micarna), Proviande, the Swiss Farmers Association, the Swiss Meat Industry Association, Swiss poultry producers).