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The “Cook correctly – enjoy safely” campaign - FSVO

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The “Cook correctly – enjoy safely” campaign

In April 2016 the FSVO launched the “Cook correctly – enjoy safely” information campaign in conjunction with various partners in the retail and food industries (Aldi, Aviforum, Coop (with Bell), Kneuss, Lidl, Migros (with Micarna), Proviande, the Swiss Farmers Association, the Swiss Meat Industry Association, Swiss poultry producers).

The aim of this campaign is to make the general public aware of four fundamental rules of kitchen hygiene. Pictograms illustrating the respective messages were developed in collaboration with the partners.

The information is available on the website. Video clips were also produced for each of the messages. The partners make wide use of the pictograms and messages on websites, in information brochures, in magazines and in leaflets. They are already featuring on some food packaging. The aim is for the pictograms to replace the current mandatory hygiene information on poultry in order to boost the recognition factor.