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Creating a basis for tomorrow’s actions - FSVO

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Creating a basis for tomorrow’s actions

Effective administration and a competent, expert approach to dealing with complex political situations are not possible without well-founded scientific information. The governmental research carried out by the Federal Administration makes a major contribution to this basis. The focus is on application-oriented and usually cross-disciplinary research. The FSVO sets great store by efficacy, knowledge transfer and customer benefit, which is why a report on implementation monitoring is being published for the first time.

Events in recent years have demonstrated yet again the importance of good, application-oriented research for the work done by the FSVO and for the implementing bodies along the food chain. Tangible research findings with a practical application enable animal diseases such as BVD to be controlled in a targeted manner, early diagnosis to be expanded, the strategy to combat antibiotic resistance and the nutrition strategy to be implemented effectively, and food safety, animal welfare and species conservation in international trade to be improved.

The FSVO provides regular information on research findings relating to specific topics or projects and on how they are being implemented in the practical setting. The FSVO also produces this multi-annual report, which represents the conclusion of the governmental  research period in question. It showcases one research project from each of the FSVO’s departments to illustrate the work being done in each and presents the results and their implementation. It reports on how

  • the results of ethological research can prevent the development of behavioural disorders in animals;
  • innovative monitoring processes can spare resources and simplify sampling;
  • campylobacteriosis, an increasingly common infectious disease, can be fought on several levels;
  • collaboration with industry works and risks are assessed;
  • the efficacy of the salt strategy is reviewed and coordinated with the inspections by the cantons;
  • Switzerland plays a central role in the international species conservation of and trade in reptile leather goods.

A list of all the projects concluded during the governmental research period 2012 to 2016 and the related data sheets showing the research findings can be found in the ARAMIS governmental research information system operated by the Federal Administration or on the FSVO website.

The multi-annual report also contains statistics on the distribution of the research projects across the departments and on the allocation of funding. The multi-annual report has been designed for researchers, stakeholders and customers of the FSVO and for interested members of the general public.

We would like to take this opportunity of extending our sincere thanks to all researchers, research management and other individuals involved in the reporting process.