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Research in figures - FSVO

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Research in figures

During the period 2012–2016, the FSVO and its predecessors SFVO and the Food Safety Department at the FOPH spent  slightly over CHF 28 million on research. This volume funded research projects in all parts of the FSVO.

The research statistics are based on the figures in the ARAMIS research database. The current multi-annual report covers five years, in contrast to the 2008–2011 reporting period which only covers four years. Expenditure on research projects increased by CHF 3 million in the current reporting period. Calculated in terms of the resources available for research per year, however, this represents a reduction of almost CHF 1 million annually. Part of the reduction can be explained by the change in the reporting practice connected with the merger of the Food Safety Department at the FOPH and the SFVO with the FSVO in 2014. Moreover, its research budget was cut as a result of the 2014 mandate to reduce costs.

The funding disbursed in the 2012–2016 research period was invested in research activities in the areas of animal health, animal welfare, species conservation in international trade, the 3R Research Foundation and food safety and nutrition. The Animal Health Department also handles projects relating to veterinary public health. The statistical separation of food safety and nutrition projects did not take place until the FSVO was set up. Research projects from both areas have been combined for the years 2012 and 2013.

The 3R Foundation (Replace, Reduce, Refine) supports research projects with the aim of avoiding animal studies by using alternative methods, reducing the number of studies and the number of animals per study, and improving studies by reducing the stress on the animals. The Foundation is funded in equal parts by the Federal Administration (FSVO) and Interpharma.

Expenditure in absolute terms and the percentage distribution among the individual departments are shown in the Table. The figures for the period 2008–2011 are shown for comparative purposes. Compared to the previous period, expenditure on animal health has decreased, while there has been a sharp increase in expenditure on animal welfare. The stated reduction in expenditure in the food safety department is explained, on the one hand, by the fact that the new research structures took some time to become established following the merger with the FSVO. On the other hand, this apparent reduction is also attributable to the reporting practice, which was comprehensively revised only in relation to the new departmental research period 2017—2020. There was a slight increase in 3R Research Foundation spending.


Research expenditure by department in CHF 1,000